pentax 50mm F1.2 a small in field test.

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pentax 50mm F1.2 a small in field test.

Decided to check my second 50mm f1.2 so took it for walk.
All these photos are from same outing around my house.

I am sharing this test because many wish to see how it performs wide open before throw this kind of money on it.

performance of f1.2 lense at f1.2 is very important. So the reason for my testing was to see how it performs wide open. Another reason for me was to see how this lense performs wide open compared to canon's 50mm f1.2 L.

I have been hunting full size pictures taken by 50mm f1.2 L so now i have some impression of comparison between then. I will not post any 50mm f1.2 L shot simply because i do not own this lense and do not want to upload others Pictures.

So befor i through you pictures, here are few things to remember.

1. i am no expert, i am sure someone might produce better pictures than this. But seeing these pictures you can assure that this is how it will perform in hands of layman.

2. I only have k100d so all pictures are with k100d.

3. I used setting of 0 sharpning, 0 contrast and 0 saturation .

4. All files straight of camera. I wanted to share full sizes but my flickr does not allow it seems. So if someone has some idea for sharing full sizes i would upload them. Or if someone else could share, i will email him. Please contact me if wish to do.

5. All photos are f1.2 .

So here we go.

The most difficult thing i think is for super fast lense is how it performs wide open focused at infinity. So first one is focused to infinity.


look soft but we are at f1.2, the main thing is if i applied sharpening, it will be very usable for printing. Here is little bit sharpened version.

And here is corner of this file.

Once this focus at infinity sorted out.

We want to see if it is sharp when focused close.

So here is main capture.

and here is center.

I am not putting corners since they are out of focus.

Third thing we are interested in is bokeh.

So next photos would give some idea.


next photo


next photo


My subjective impressions.

This is damn good lense for f1.2 lense. Nothing special in this statement, many have already said it.

it is pretty sharp wide open.

it is difficult to focus with viewfinder alone. (with liveview from sensor it is easy).

in the end , I hope it is useful.

PS: i have two of them now, but both perform similar.

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