Cancelled GH1 getting K7 !

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Cancelled GH1 getting K7 !

Ok, i've grown tired of waiting on the GH1, and it seems likely it is going to miss my Europe trip in September. I'm extremely new to photography and DSLR's but I have turned "sponge mode" on and am learning quite quickly.

I actually just started reading about the K7 this morning, but 10 hours of reading later and I have decided it will work well for me. The K7 seems to best the GH1 in just about every category but size and video. The size is important for me as it will be a travel camera, but I will make do.

So this is what I have come up with Pentax gear....let me know if I am making any huge mistakes. I can/will buy more gear later, but looking for a reasonably complete package to start. I would also prefer to buy mid-high quality gear from the start.

Pentax K7
Pentax 35mm f2.8 Macro Limited
Pentax 50-300mm f4-5.8
Tamron 10-24mm 3.5-4.5
Remote Control F
Pentax AF-360 FGZ Flash
Gitzo 1550T Traveler Tripod

My primary questions/concerns are:

1) Is having the 35mm prime going to be enough to make up for the range between the 10-24 & the 50-300? I really like what I have read on the 35mm and I would like to experiment with Macro work. Can I slot in more primes later and skip getting the 16-45 or 16-50? I have more of an artistic focus with my photos, than family snapshot focus, so I am willing to zoom with my feet. Still I am just learning.

2) Is the Tamron 10-24 a good choice? Would the Pentax 12-24 be better as it would take advantage of the K7's distortion and chromatic aberration adjustments? I really do enjoy wide angle work, so I am thinking the extra 2mm could be significant.

3) Is any combination of the above too much weight for the Gitzo 1550T? It seems one of the only tripods that I could see traveling with. There is a positive review of it here .

I'm hoping to place an order tomorrow from B&H, so thanks for any help! My 2 weeks with a borrowed canon 350D DSLR are at


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