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Why the G1 on a Canon 400 f4 DO?

Jim Scarff wrote:

You have a $5,000+ lens, and maybe another $1,000+ invested in a tripod & head, why would you want to attach a G1 to that rather than a Canon 50D or the new 5D MarkII? I doubt the somewhat lower cost of the G1 was the compelling reason!

I do it for fun. I have other cameras but I like the µ4/3rds technology, the articulated LCD, the high resolution EVF, and the great focus assist of the G1. I see the EVF as an important part of the future of photography and I am enjoying trying out the current state of the art.

I really want the GH1 but can't get one yet. Using the G1 helps me prepare for the GH1 so I can hit the ground running when it comes.

With the G1 mounted you "get" a 2X multiplier of lens focal length v. 1.6X on the 50D, but that seems more than offset by the larger size of the Canon APS-C sensor and greater number of megapixels. Yet the smaller G1 sensor struggles at higher ISO speeds where so much wildlife photography occurs, and where the Canon shines.

Don't you also lose autofocus? You are limited to non- or slow-moving wildlife?

I usually prefer to manually focus. Autofocus doesn't pick a bird out of a bush very well. Also, almost all of my good bird shots are not grab shots, but well planned. out. I have scoped out the scene and know where the bird is going to land.

To my mind, a major attraction of the 400 DO is that it is just light enough that you can hand-hold it -- where the lens' IS becomes critically important. But you lose image-stabilization when mounted on the G1, don't you?

I prefer to tripod mount long lenses and therefore usually have the IS turned off anyway. Sometimes I use a Bogen SuperClamp to mount a Wimberley head to the roll bars on a utility ATV and put my 400 DO and camera on that. I can throw camo netting over the whole thing and sit comfortably waiting for the shot.

For hand held stuff, I like the G1 with the 45-200mm lens. I mount it on a very lightweight shoulder brace and have a red-dot sight in the hot shoe. The red dot is aimed to match the autofocus point of the camera.

The whole rig is so light it seems weightless and is ideal for grab shots. For really quick shots I don't even look through the viewfinder. I just place the red dot where I want the focus to be and click away. The red dot sight also helps me frame the shot.

Attached to a good shoulder strap I find can carry this 400mm EFL rig all day. It's so small and so light that it tends to get taken along on almost every walk.

I have both a G1 and a 50D, and I like the G1 for its light weight and tiny size. But when you are carrying around a large telephoto like the 400 DO and the tripod, the incremental difference in the camera's weight is a very small difference in the overall scheme of things.

BTW, I agree with all your points but, as I have said, I'm in it for the fun.

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