Canon Pixma Pro 9000 color calibration

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Re: Canon Pixma Pro 9000 color calibration

After looking around a bit, I see many Epson and Canon people were having the same problem, and it may have been due to either Adobe, Canon, or Apple. Apple changed their colorsync process with Leopard, or did something different in the color management with Leopard, and possibly PS4 and LR2 and Canon did not keep up.

One of the hints was to not choose the printer in the dialog box, but rather to set the Pro9000 as the default printer in the system's printer preferences, that this is probably a bug in the color matching process. I'd rather not do this, because I use the B+W laser printer much more frequently, but I did it anyway.

Because there was all sorts of talk about Canon not keeping up via drivers with the changes at Apple, I went ahead and updated to drivers released around 6-23-09 from Canon. I thought I had already done this recently, but couldn't remember if I had that particular recent one.

Also, instead wasting so much paper in tests, what I found was that the preview or soft proof actually did resemble the final print (which had been off in color cast and maybe slightly darker), so I used the preview to test things out till I was reasonably happy.

Although I'm not sure it matters, I also made sure the icc profiles were in both the root Library/colorsync/Profiles folder and the Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter/Resources/ICC Profiles folder. They were pretty much OK to begin with, but I did put the Ilford icc profile in that last one, as it hadn't been there (was in the first one, and did show up as a choice in the printing setup.)

I basically did all that at once, and now the printer seems to be on the mark, which is significantly better than before. I'm not sure which piece of the puzzle actually fixed it, but the two I would put money on are the new drivers and picking the Canon printer as the default rather than choosing in the dialog box. I'm a little hesitant to say that last one because I thought I recalled it being no better on one print try, but sometimes it takes a restart to see the full effect of things with Apple's.

As for mobyline's suggestion regarding turning off the printer driver, I don't think that is available in the current Apple setup, and maybe he is using Windows. I have consistently been choosing "let photoshop manage colors" (or whatever it says) vs letting the printer do it, so maybe that is what he is referring to (didn't get an answer from him).

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