K7 pricing in Australia

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K7 pricing in Australia

Over the last few days I have beem checking into Body Only prices, Battery Grip and Battety pirces and have discovered the following:

Body Only: ryda.com $1499.00
Digital Camera Warehouse $1539.00
Teds $1799.00

I ordered from DCW as there is no freight and I can pick it up in Melbourne whereas If I buy from Ryda there would be a freight cost which would roughly be half the $40.00 difference so basically I am paying about $20.00 more by getting it from DCW, I can live with that.

D-BG4 Battery Grip:
Ryds.com $359.00
Digital Camera Warehouse $435.00
Adorama $330.16 AU Landed

Naturally I ordered from Adorama.

D-Li90 Battery:
ryda.com $129.00

DCW did not have a price but I have seen them from $150.00 to $170.00 in this country.
Adorama $71.72 AU Landed

Again naturally I brought from Adorama

Another Item I wanted was a Sigma Ring Flash and the pricing for these also fluctuated:
Ryda $560.00
DCW $645.00
47th Street Photo in New York via eBay $481.00 AU Landed

Guess where I ordered that?

Faced with all these prices I fail to see how Teds can justify the prices thay have on what they sell and the fact that the Southland store would not negotiate, as a point of interest their server is blocking all of their competitors web sites to keep the sales people as uninformed as possible.

I hope that somebody will benefit from this information.


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