Sigma 50 1.4 (initial pet pics)

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Re: Is that a typical shot?

I sent mine to Sigma NY as well. I can't really offer any advice on what's to blame, but I'd be hesitant to mess with the body if your other lenses are working fine (especially since this particular lens seems to be so prone to focus problems).

My only suggestion would be to revisit your microadjust settings and perhaps try a little more/less than you currently are using... (Possibly jump up or down 5 to 10 steps and work back from there.)

I suggest this only because I noticed during my MA tests that the body would often seem to make a secondary adjustment and kind of 'nudge' the focus just before the confirmation beep. This would often achieve 'accurate' focus even when the MA setting wasn't optimal. After much tinkering, I settled on a MA value that achieved accurate focus with minimal/no last-minute shifting/nudging at both long and short distances. (In other words, focus would snap in place and stay there vs. snapping then shifting slightly.)

Take my voodoo MA procedures with a grain of salt, though... I'm certainly no expert on the subject. Just might be worth revisiting to see if you can squeeze consistent performance out of your lens.

xchric wrote:

Thank you for your update.

My sigma 50mm still back focus at longer distance even if it just came back from Sigma NY. And it is soft wide open.

Some one told me that if I am experiencing front focus at close distance and back focus at long distance. It is the problem of the camera body not the lens.
Is it true? My other lens work well on my 5D II body.

May I ask where did you send your lens and how you addressed the issues of the lens.

Should I send the lens back again?
Thank you

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