EOS adaptor on G1....

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Michael Porter Contributing Member • Posts: 502
Re: EOS adaptor on G1....

Here's this same EOS adapter on my G1 attached to a Canon 400mm f4 DO with 1.4 extender. (400 x 1.4 x 2 = EFL 1120 mm) The red dot sight speeds up finding the bird. Focus assist on the G1 makes fine focus quick and easy. (But please Panasonic, give me one-touch focus assist in your next firmware upgrade)

I've also got a wireless remote mounted to minimize vibrations when tripping the shutter. It's less likely to get tangled up in the heat of the moment than the wired remote. The wireless remote can be tripped without removing it from my pocket or from quite a distance away. Its specs say its got a 100 meter range.

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