Dumb question: Can I move my iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, PSE6 to a external HD

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Re: "hold down the "option" key and while it is still held down launch iPhoto"

Thanks, for this tip, as I wasn't aware of it; and, now, I don't see a need for "iPhoto Buddy".

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BRJR ....(LOL, some of us are quite satisfied as Hobbyists ..)

Scott Weierich wrote:

You can choose any hard drive you want for the storage of your files including your iPhoto library. First, when you are ready, move/copy your iPhoto Library to your new location (external hard drive). Once that is done, hold down the "option" key and while it is still held down launch iPhoto. A window will pop up asking you "What photo library do you want iPhoto to use?". Select the "Other Library" button and navigate to the location of your iPhoto library you just copied to your external hard drive. Next, move your old copy of your iPhoto Library to the trash. Next relaunch iPhoto to make sure it is correctly looking to the new location and your photos are all there. If this looks as it should, you can now empty your trash can and free up this space on your boot drive. Also, iTunes works in this same fashion.

iMovie on the other hand is a bit more intelligent I found out tonight. If you copy your iMovie Projects folder to your external drive and then delete the original folder back on your boot drive, iMovie magically polls all attached drives for iMovie Projects folders. So after you have trashed your boot drive version of your iMovie Projects folder, start up iMovie and you will find that it automagically sees the iMovie Projects folder over on the external drive all on its own. Pretty cool.

Len_Gee wrote:


I am not a computer person so my question probably has a very simple solution.

I have an iMac (Intel) with a 500 gig internal HD. I use the iMac for everything, not just iPhoto or iMovie/iDVD. I use a variety of photography software applications ie. Photoshop Elements 6, NIK, DPP from Canon.

I have a 500 gb external HD connected to the iMac and use it for Time Machine to backi up my iMac.

When Time Machine is trying to back up my iMac it says "Time Machine Error. the backup is too large for the backup volume. The backup requires 161.6 GB but only 128.7 GB are available."

Sounds like a waste of 128.7 gb on the 500 gb external HD. But I guess I ran out of sufficient HD space on the external HD? Correct?


Should I purchase another larger external HD for Time Machine say 1 tb to 2tb, then use the existing 500 gb external HD just to back up my iPhoto and iMovie library?.

And then have iPhoto, iMovie, iDvd on the freed up external 500 gb HD, as well as having all my photograph applications ie. NIK, PSE6, DPP, etc. on external HD. And use that as my primary HD. That would free up space on the internal iMAC HD correct?

I use a Canon 5DMII with 21 mp mostly RAW and HD video so the files are large.

Can it be done, and does it make sense? What would you do?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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