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read the manual...

Francis Sawyer wrote:

Thanks for posting your review.

I'm disappointed by this:

"in no way I can deactivate the LCD screen when not shooting. The LCD stays on all the time. There is a Sleep timer setting, and the default is at 1 minute."

This brings up a major problem if you're doing time-lapse (which a camera like this should be great for). If you're firing off 500 shots over the course of an hour or more (provided that you can rig up some kind of adapter for Olympus's dumb USB shutter release), you can't have the screen on all the time or you'll kill the battery before you're done. What a disappointment. You say the default is 1 minute for sleep, but more importantly: What's the MINIMUM time?


you can customize one of the buttons to deactivate the LCD anytime you wish.

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