Who is NOT buying an E-P1, and why?

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The EP-1 also has a viewfinder. It's much larger than the one on any SLR, and in most conditions brighter and clearer than all or nearly all of them. It falls down in some other aspects. But, suggesting that these cameras "don't have a viewfinder" is just sort of bizarre, in the same way as that kid in fifth grade who stubbornly maintained that there were dragons on the playground two years after everyone else had grown out of that. It's in a different category than lies, or stupidity... it's just weirdly wrong.

No, the E-P1 has no VF. All it has is a piggy back type for the 17mm lens, AFAIK.



The LCD is a viewfinder. It may not be one you like, but all of this trying to redefine words to indicate personal qualitative judgments is irritating. It makes communication an exercise in futility. Devolution.

Well, the LCD panel is not a view finder as far as I am concerned, and regardless of your definition, it is not an optical view finder, nor is it usable as an electronic VF since yhe LCD panel is useless in bright sun, as it was said before.

A view finder is something you look through and not something you look at.

It's not a question of like it or not, I like the LCD of my G10 but I would not call it a VF, although the G10 has a proper OVF as well, even if it is an ever so small one, it is there when needed.

Here is a better description of what a VF is, in case you are interested.


Never the less, some people call the LCD a VF, but that is wrong.

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