Advice on normal Lense for D90

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Re: Advice on normal Lense for D90

I have the 50mm 1.4D (non-AF-S) lens with D90. It works well for portraits for my needs as a hobbyist. I found 85mm to be too long especially for indoor portraits when space is limited (especially in Hong Kong where I live), though it may be the better choice if space is not an issue.

The difference between the 1.4D and 1.4G (AF-S) is more than just the focusing motor. According to the reviews on dpreview, the optics are updated, and it has 9 rounded blades for the aperture, which gives smoother bokeh. The 7 straight blades in the 1.4D certainly produce bokeh that are not as appealing, particularly when there are bright spots in the background where it sometimes results in 7-sided polygons.

Also, the AFS lens focuses much quieter and the focus ring does not turn when focusing, which may be a plus for some.

Whether these differences justify the price difference is purely personal. Until now, I kept wondering if I should have gone for the 1.4G, but I'm reasonably happy with the 1.4D


Andre Ambrosio wrote:

I'm quite new to DSLRs and I recently bought a Nikon D90. I'd like to do some portraits and I'm considering either a 35mm or a 50mm lense. My questions are:

  • since the D90 takes care of the auto focus, why would I chose an AF-S model over a less expensive lense that doesn't auto focus by itself??

  • which model would you suggest me, considering I'd like to make the most out of badly lit places but would definitely rather save some money??

Thanks in advance!

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