A wedding pro will be buying Pentax!

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janneman02 Forum Pro • Posts: 15,732
A wedding pro will be buying Pentax!

A Pro I know shoots with Canon 5DMkII

No, although I tiod him Pentax is much better because, well, I use one, I cannot convince him to drop the Canon.

BUT, he will be getting the K-7 DA*16-50, 50-135 and 55 and possibly 60-250...
It will serve him as an back-up unit for outside work when it is raining.

You know, in this country it does happen to rain and he cannot get the shots he want from a couple getting out of the car etc when it is raining. He does not trust the 5DMkII weather resistance and he has seen me shoot in the rain :D.

He won't be getting the 1DsMkIII or whatever as the bullk does not appeal to him (considers the 5D already "a bit too big").

As to IQ of APS-C, "nobody wants poster sized pictures of themselves in the rain"

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