UV filter for Nikon 12-24mm lens

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Re: UV filter for Nikon 12-24mm lens

Digital cameras are very insensitive to UV light, so you don't need them. In fact, most of todays lenses block much of the UV light, rendering them useless for ultra violet photograpphy.

So, we can draw the conclusion that UV filters are not needed for blocking UV light.

You can, of course use them to protect the lens/front element, I do that on some of my lenses, but that WILL have an negative impact on IQ. It might be invisible or VERY visible, depending on which filter and what situation. I always unscrew filters in counterlight situations, for example, as the filter probably will introduce some amount of flare or ghosting.

Some of the cheaper filters are not always completely flat, which will introduce softness and such. That can be very visible with tele lenses, redering images completely unusable.

So: You might use them as protectors, but be aware of that the WILL have a negative impact in IQ, to some extent.

You will have much more use of a good polarizer for landscapes, but use it with care on such wide angles as 12-24.

sharperest wrote:

Just would like to know whether I should have a UV filter for my Nikon 12-24. Of course I use the lens for landscape work and when I got it a few months ago I thought I had read that a filter was not something I would need. That does not make sence I thought but perhaps you guys could shed some light. Thanks for your time.
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