100yr old Russian color photographs

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Re: 100yr old Russian color photographs

RascalHK wrote:

Thanks for the link, very interesting.

After reading I searched for more information and stumbled over the link below about the photographer, the process / 3-color photography in general and the cameras:


Thank you for that ilink, I did a little bit of googling on Prokudin-Gorsky myself, but quickly ended up at the wikipedia-article on him. These images and this technique is really fascinating. It's almost like when I first saw color film and photographs made in the late 30s of Hitler and the nazis. History come alive (I'm a history buff and "specialize" on WW1/WW2 and the inter war period). Funny though, that the quality of Prokudin-Gorskys work seems superior (partially due to large format cameras I'm sure) to Kodachrome in the late 30s.


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