Review GH1 a joke?

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Review GH1 a joke?

OMG: the Panasonic GH1 is praised to heaven and gets a Highly Recommended!

About a year ago, the Sony A350 got a lousy just Recommended, because it was so slow.

Newsflash: it's faster in almost very way than the GH1, but gets a 7.5 for speed.

The GH1, which has a "blazing" speed of 3.3 pics/sec, but is exhausted after only 4 frames, gets a 9 for speed!!!

It's slower in just about every way than the A350. Startup times, buffer of only 4 pics versus the A350....14 !!! Flushing the buffer is also slower than the A350, so the average speed of the GH1 is slower too.

It has an electronic P&S view finder that fills with noise as the light goes down, versus the OVF of the A350.

BUT: it has a high level of "gadgetry" and that's what DPreview is in to now, apparently.

For about 3 X the price of A350, you can take HD movies. Still very clumsy and it won't even come close to what my sub $ 600.- Canon HD camcorder can do, but who'd criticize the critics here, right?

Look at the samples: they all look like noisy slide shows with sound. I'd take my HD camcorder back in a heartbeat if it performed so ill.

The value is rated at 8 but highly recommended.
A350 value rated at 9, but just recommended.

Hardly anything like lenses available, but DPReview recommends you to buy this overpriced camera (the compared SLR's are all about 1/2 prized), that's the only conclusion possible.

Nothing here makes any sense at all.

They lost all credibility.
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