Please tell me about the E500

Started Jul 9, 2009 | Discussions thread
mmditter Senior Member • Posts: 2,992
It's the one I ended up with

I started with the E-300. When I got the upgrade bug I bought and sold an E-330, and E-510 and also a Nikon D40. Meanwhile I secretly yearned for my wife's E-500. Eventually I got a Cameta factory demo for about $250-ish, and that's the one I've used ever since. Still have the E-300, but it doesn't ever get used much.

Ergonomically, it's great for me.

Only cons:

1. reference WB button is too easy to hit by accident. When shooting outside, you can't really see when chimping, so sometimes I'll get home and have a whole bunch of blue pictures.

2. Not very good high ISO performance.

3. I wish they'd have given it the build quality and the crinkle finish that my E-300 has.

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