E-510 & F16-f22

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Re: E-510 & F16-f22 - Yes...all the time.

A long time ago, I found that you can shoot at ISO1600 on a bright sunny day and have some nice looking images. There will be more noise in the shadows, but other than that, it does rather well. People think of using a high ISO in low-light, but you can do some great things with it, in bright sunlight too.

I was just playing around with the camera on July 4th and pushed it to the maximum for fun (that is, highest ISO and highest F-stop). I also showed a number of those photos on the Challenges and Galleries Forum, taken the same day. I shot these as a JPEG, HQ quality. I used IrfanView to denoise, sharpen and resize the image. I take so many photos weekly, that I've found that this is the easiest for me. I work at getting the image right the first time, so I need very little other post processing...other than cropping for composition and sometimes increasing the contrasts on a cloudy day.

If you nail the exposure...I mean nail it right the first time, the highlight problem is not as great. I check all my images each time I take them; subsequently I run the battery down faster, but with an extra battery, it's been fine.

I show my photos on the OTF almost weekly. I have lots of other examples. It's rare that I take any photo with that camera and lens combination with a F-stop less than F8.0. I did a long time ago, and I noticed the images were too soft. I want them very sharp, if possible. See my last picture of a weed (teasel) that I showed on that forum. It was taken hand-held at 1/40 of a second at F11. I got lots of detail with that one. It was taken in the shade of some nearby trees.

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