Thinking of getting a AF-S 10-24 DX

Started Jul 9, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thinking of getting a AF-S 10-24 DX

Eric FOX wrote:

i don't know, but the previous AFS 12-24 is good enough!

If you never need or want to shoot 10mm. Until I was tempted by the Sigma at a ridiculous Dell price a few years ago, I did not know what I was missing. Today, if my options are the Nikon 12-24 or the Sigma 10-20 at the exact same price I would opt for the Sigma, not because it is overall the better lens but because of the 10mm.

I have both the Sigma 10-20 (old version) and the Nikon 10-24. I prefer the 10-24, not because it is clearly a better lens (it probably is not, in some categories), but because of the added convenience of 20-24mm. With mine I tend to be either at 10mm or 24mm, and rarely in between.

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