Paper Background Rolls in UK?

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Re: Why ?

Paul.R.Lindqvist wrote:

oh comon, a chainsaw hahaha!

Iv done it manytimes, first time i used bread knife took a little while (15 min or so) but got thru eventually.

With a hacksaw it wont take more then 5 min tops!

When I shot catalogue and advertising shots and used paper backgrounds enough to buy them in bulk, I used to get two rolls of the colours I used most.

One roll was kept at full width, but the second roll was cut into two.... but specifically NOT in half . Instead, the second roll was cut into 2/3rds and 1/3rd, that is 6 feet with remainder 3 feet.

By this means I could use the stuff most economically......

  • 3 feet width for small table top items, pack shots, etc.

  • 6 feet width for groups of objects, larger items (like wheel trims in sets)

  • 9 feet width for full length images of people and larger objects, (a filing cabinet, say)

I cut the roll with a full-sized hacksaw, or a tenon saw. It takes about 30 seconds. Hint: Turn the roll a couple of times before the saw is all the way through to give a fresh "nip" to the blade. The result will be less ragged.

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