Digilux 3 as travel camera?

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thanks for your kind suggestions. As I said in response to MJLogan, I have the 4/3rd adapter for Nikon glass, so my Zeiss ZF 100mm would potentially work as a 200mm manual focus lens (tried successfully on the Oly 330, now sold). That would be the only Nikon-mount lens I would take with me - it's a piece of glass which produces stunning images. For some reason I can't really explain I am not a friend of pancakes. I always felt that something is cut short or compromised in the optical pathway of such lenses (this probably sounds totally prejudiced of course).



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I have owned and used, quite happily, the Digilux 3 w/several lens set ups. These included the Pana-Leica lenses as well as legacy Leica R glass and Zeiss. In terms of portability, I really think it depends on what type of shooting you plan to do. If it is simply outdoor daylight shooting of scenes and people, then a standard 50mm lens will make the kit pretty light and compact. While the panaleica 25 1.4 is a great lens, it is quite bulky, especially with the ridiculous hood on it. Though optically inferior, the Oly pancake might be an option too. Of course if you don't mind manual focusing, you have several nice options, including 25mm lenses with Contax c/y mount or Leica R, with adapters respectively.

For an all around zoom, the 14-150 has a good reputation. But its pricey. Depends on how much you are wiling to spend.
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