Pentax: Good buy :)

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Pentax: Good buy :)

I have noticed the rare and funny post announcing goodbuy Pentax or was it that Pentax is such a good buy? So I decided to just write here on how I feel and relate to Pentax.


For some it might be super apologies.... I wish there were K7 photos in here but sadly I am without the latest technology. Also note I have no ambition to become professional, but might not be able to say no to a job photographing nude woman! Or even be the assistant to the assistant for the nude photographer

My take on Pentax:

I think Pentax is such a good buy, that I am still using and owning the Pentax *istDS as my sole and only camera. SHOCK HORROR! You might science paying you so little that you still own the *istDS? I guess the answer is yes and no. More importantly, I actually decided to invest in glass over the last 5 years owning the DS and decided to skip body upgrades. Now, as someone who is a complete gadget freak, you can imagine the anguish this creates....not to get the latest and greatest every time a new camera with new cool and "must have" features pop over the horizon.

And after 5 years.....I am still learning how to take proper pics. And the school of primes is not easy. One day you come back with a stack of nice pics and you think you are the cats whiskers. Then, for no apparent reason the next couple of sessions you just suck....I mean...really suck.

Is it the camera that sucks? Nope... although it would be nice to blame the camera. Is the DS without flaws? Oh no....actually there are a few irritating things. Here they are: I wish I had a somewhat faster focus in lower light, I wish there were in-built stabilization as iso 1600 and F2.8 can only take you sooo far in certain situations, and when I go home to South Africa I wish the shutter would not announce its release to the whole wildlife reserve...
BUT, can I make pics without these aids? Of course!

Can Nikon, Canon, Olympus or Sony do it better for me as a whole? No, but each manufacturer probably has one thing that grabs my attention. Case in point: I would just love to have the equivalent of the Olympus 70-300 (140-600) for the same price in a Pentax mount Uber cool wildlife lens on a budget.

I guess my point is, most of us here are with Pentax because we love photography as a hobby. And because Pentax offers us what we mostly want. We may aspire to greater heights in our dreams and one day if you manage to turn professional and you suddenly need to change brands due to various reasons outside your control, I am pretty sure a Pentax system would not have held back your creativity to such an extent that you would end up handicapped compared to seasoned Canikon shooters. I think here our longtime forum friend Duplo is a good case in point. For recreation the man still shoots Pentax

For those who are currently with Pentax, enjoy LBA and currently BBA (body buying addiction) with the K7. And I love looking at pics! Of course also technical ones to compare lenses or bodies To those who are thinking of joining Pentax: come right in, the water is nice.

To make the post even more boring I decided to throw in a couple of my latest photos from the DS. And thanks for reading to the end!

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