List of different camera (strap and non-strap) carrying systems

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List of different camera (strap and non-strap) carrying systems

From time to time, people asking about the best camera strap system.

I used OpTech straps for years, they lifted the camera's weight, but they slipped off of my shoulder every 30 seconds.

Then I tried the R-Strap. It's a wonderful idea, but design flaws and reports of unscrewed hooks make it a trusty thing to use.

Now, I use the UpStrap that really never slips off of my shoulder. And it's longer and more comfortable than any other strap I've seen. But it's still a neck/shoulder strap that let's you feel the camera's weight.

Today, I found the following interesting system:

and ordered one.

So, because everyone wants to find the best camera carrying system for his personal needs, I want YOU to make a complete list about todays' different strap (or non-strap) systems (not every single strap maker, just different systems to talk about pros and cons of every one and to compare them), an I'll begin:

1. Cotton Carrier System

looks interesting, not tested yet.

2. UpStrap

the most unslippery strap I know. And longer than others, so the camera's on your hip level. Unusual, but very comfortable.

3. OpTech strap

weight lifting strap, very comfortable, but too short and very slippery despite the silicon pimples.

4. R-Strap

good idea with design flaws: reports of fallen camera/lens combinations because of unscrewed hooks, accidentially opened hooks etc. nice to your neck, but not as comfortable as I expected when wearing some hours (weddings, sports events etc.). Available as a double

5. Camera Slingers

looks like a knockoff of the R-Strap (or vice versa), but

6. Spider Holster

not marketed yet. Similiar to the Cotton Carrier System.

7. Safari Strap

looks like another no-neck-painer, but didn't test it.

So, please continue this list with other systems and solutions.



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