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Re: New hero

This post is really lighting up my day!! This response below is making me laugh out loud Sosumi!

Ever heard of sarcasm?


Sosumi wrote:

davidried wrote:

My previous hero was Ravi, but I have to say that you have replaced him completely. Sousumi, you are awesome and are now my new hero.

I will scour your website for your image so I can blow it up and hang it on my wall so I may pray.
I will follow your posts so that i may glean a slight bit of wisdom from you.
And I will do as you so I can be closer to you.
I will sell my camera because it overexposes and buy a Sony.
When I am in bright sunlight, I will think of your shadow and be cooler.
When I am cold I will think of your radiance and be warmed.

Thank you, and never change,
Your adoring fan.

I have no idea what drugs or medication you're taking, but..............................

By all means: KEEP TAKING THEM!
And maybe you can share you're secret with the other grumpy old men here

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