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Re: 1D vs D30

I think the answer's simple.

While the 1D and the D30/60 both use the current active AF sensor to determine the flash exposure, because the 1D has 45 of the things you are less likely to focus then recompose, hence swinging the AF sensor off the subject before the flash exposure is calculated.

A similar argument applies to what started the thread, a comparison between the 45-sensor EOS3 and the 3-sensor D60.

Roll on the EOS D3 or 3-D!

DavidP wrote:
Many have reported that the 1D has less problems with flash
exposure than the D30 did, using the 550-EX. I don't really have
an explanation, other than the flash exposure algorithm must be

I wonder how the EOS-IX works with the 550-EX ?

Girish Jadav wrote:

I try today using the 550EX with my EOS-3. excellent result. EOS-3
was on Manual mode and the 550EX was on E-TTL. Shot 150 pictures
with a white wall and dark wall background.
It wasn't underexplosed or overexposed.

The question is why does the D-SLR as a D30/D60 have a problem with
the 550 EX. I don't know how the 550 is acting with the 1D.
Canon should have an answer or new flash light.

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