Pentax K7 or Nikon D300?

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Re: Pentax K7 or Nikon D300?

Tim the Grey wrote:

Olympus have more adaptors than the Pentax bodies, and I am told have greater functionality with old Nikkors than most Nikon DSLRs?


While Olympus (and Canon) both have more adapters available for a much wider range of other mount lenses, the point with Pentax is that to date, all their cameras give pretty much full useability with all their lenses made and a simple glassless adapter gives the same with all those millions of m42 lenses. My favourite lens right now is a SIXTY year old Carl Zeiss jena biotar 58 f2 on my Pentax dslrs.

As to old Nikkors...heck, you do not even need an adapter with pre ai Nikon lenses with Pentax (do this at your own risk)...they mount securely enough for me to take to a packed mosh pit (some will lock), meter, have focus confirmation and stabilization on k100d and onwards...I even set my nikon 85 1.8 to only fire when in focus as a semi auto focus lens (trap focus)....and then I can even really auto focus it with a 1.7x auto focus adapter....hows that for useable. I have a Nikon adapter but never use it (loses infinity focus to much).

Back to m42 lenses and the OP, should you go pentax,do not be affraid to get an adapter with a flange and lose infinity Biotar is a lens that excels at portrait distances and the flange adapter allows me to trap focus (I could use the non flange one with a pice of aluminium foil over the camera contacts to do the same). With my poor eyesight I can still use manual focus lenses ...the only difference between this and a auto focus lens is that there is no hunting from the af motor.....great in low light.

The non flange adapter ( I would get the original pentax one) is great for other lenses if infinity focus is needed or other lenses that cover the contacts (biotar is so small it does not come close to covering the electrical contacts on the camera).

This was from last weekend with the sixty year old 58 f2 biotar on my old IST*D.

The PIgs (great band)


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