EF 24-70 f/2.8 softness and MA setting

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EF 24-70 f/2.8 softness and MA setting

Dear Folks,

I’d like you guys to help me figuring out the best setting for manual focus adjustment on 5DmkII and EF 24-70mm f/2.8. I believe my lens does not suffer a lot of back/front focusing issue, however it is very soft. The problem is my eyes are not good enough to judge the sharpness.

There are 6 photos uploaded. They are a full image, a sharpened full image, a 100% crop, a sharpened 100% crop, a 200% crop and a sharpened 200% crop. Each photo is composed of 3 images (left: -10MA, center: -5MA, right: 0).

The settings while taking the photos: iso200, 1/100s, f/2.8, RAW, neutral picture style shooting (all is 0), taken at 51mm focal length, distance was 45cm from lens end to focused battery, Hoya pro 1 digital UV filter was on.

Settings of sharpened photos: +5 on RAW sharpening (out of 10), and +250 on RGB sharpening (out of 500) using Canon DPP software.

The focus is on the red square, I enabled the AF square just for a reference. Please take a note that the writing ‘Under License By Energizer’ is not at the same focal plane as the focused point.

Full view

Sharpened full view

100% crop

Sharpened 100% crop


Sharpened 200% crop

I would like to know whether my 24-70’s softness is really bad and whether or not this is repairable. Any input is welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

PS: This is not an energizer ad.


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