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HX1-more on Antiblur and Twilight

Started Jul 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
OP Jerry Stevens Senior Member • Posts: 2,571
Re: Antiblur and Twilight in Daylight--Tele

All shots are handheld (naturally, for this is the purpose of these modes) using the maximum zoom of 20x (100 mm) at a distance of 7-8 feet. For this shot, I wanted to contrast the manual mode used for the macro shot with the camera's own "Intelligent Auto" mode, which is quite successful, in my opinion. Image stabilization was on. Once again, notice that the Antiblur is overexposed and looses both detail and dynamic range, whereas the Twilight retains better detail and dynamic range, as well as controlling noise successfully, but a tad underexposed. Here are the tele examples:

Daylight Intelligent Autol LEFT, Daylight Antiblur MIDDLE, Daylight Twilight RIGHT:

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