Hot Shoe Flash - What happen to Off Camera Terminal

Started Jul 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Hot Shoe Flash - What happen to Off Camera Terminal

Saturday I picked up my Sunpak 383 [one of two that I have] put fresh batteries in it and nothing happen when I turned my flash on. Silly flash went bad just setting in my bag. Worked fine a month ago. So while looking for another, I notice two things, this flash is discontinued and the newer models does not have an Off Camera Terminal for a PC cord. I look at most flash, Bower, Sigma, Metz, Vivitar & Nissin & Sunpak and unless I over looked one, none have Off Camera Terminal.

So what's the deal, the manufactures don't think we need this terminal any more? They think we should shoot TTL only?

Note - I shoot Nikon D70 & D300. I do have the SB -800, but don't want to invest in a $450 SB-900 at this time. If I can't find a 383 at a fairly good price, I was thinking about buying the SB-600, which also has no Off Camera Terminal, or the Sunpak PZ42X TTL, which looks like a good one at a cheaper price. That way I can use it for a backup if my SB-800 fails me and just fire the flash using an optical trigger if I half to. But rather stick with a Sunpak only because the 42X flash color temp should match my 383. Nikon flash has a warmer temp which is very noticeable.

Any thoughts on the PZ42X or the main topic would love to hear it.



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