Should I get one?

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Re: Should I get one?

That changes things... If you don't have a laptop you will need extra memorycards. In Raw format: 2G-card stores more than 300 pics. Depending on the length of your holiday.... I think an extra 1 X 8G will do unless it's a safari. In the 60's, people came back with 100 horrible pics at most, these days 500-1000 which are better.

Tripod may not be necessary. You have the VR-version which would make things easy if you want to take pano's with F11 or so. OTOH, if you want to make self-portraits, a smaller one is easy easier, but can't recommend one.
UV-filter: no need for that.

(circular)Polarizer: not when 18-55 iis the only lens. Good for eliminating reflections of the sun on sea and shooting through windows, also gives more blue sky and whiter, more detailed clouds, but not a necessity if you ask me.
A good padded bag: yes, make sure it's futureproof.

Extra batteries: not really, one can shoot all day with 1 battery; Recharge takes an hour. Unless you take off into the wilderness. The battery-charger itself: if it's the standard MH 23, it works 100V - 240 V. So, no trouble there either.

Don't know where you're going, but I am pretty sure, there are shops as well, in case.

Since you don't change lenses, no need for blower, cottonsticks, cloths and liquids.
You'll be fine.

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