4th DSLR with Movie Mode? Did I miss something? Locked

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Re: Did I miss something? Yes!

The Panasonic is not a DSLR. It is not a reflex camera because it has no reflex mirror. It is more like a DSL or Digital Single Lens camera, but not a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. That is not to say that it is limited to a single lens, although many SLR camera users own just a single lens and others are so afraid of changing lenses that they always have the same lens on the camera. Believe it or not, some SLR owners do not even know how to remove the lens from the camera.

VictorDB wrote:

OK, the new Canon Rebel has 1080p video, the 5D MkII as well, the Nikon D90 has 720p...........

Is the new Panasonic a DSLR? Drat, that makes four, just thought that Dpreview had slipped out an early scoop on another new DSLR with movie mode D400 maybe.........



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