You know, Pentax can capture beauty

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Re: You know, Pentax can capture beauty

well spin it a bit different direction and say not many photographers would capture that beauty as we awfully a lot of times give credit to cameras that are just tools which are used to do particular you have in mind.

i have seen amazing pictures taken with PS camera because of a person who took that image not the camera itself. Regarding studio work or wedding and stuff of that nature i was confident since K10 arrived that Pentax can do those things as well as other brands.

Now with introduction of K-7 it might be good enough for sport and realy low light photography as it seems from initial reports that its AF is faster and more reliable with the addition of AF assistant light. Noise in shaddow areas seems to be controlled better as well so lets wait and see what reviews will say about it.

For now give credit to devisor as he graces us with more great images showing us that K20 is good enough for capturing this beauty and some more... and be optimist for once. Devisor, great work as always.

The camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life. - Ansel Adams

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