New here and need some lens advice...

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Re: New here and need some lens advice...

There's a lot of good advice here already. One thing that no one else has picked up, though. You suggest getting a 50 prime for learning with. That's a great idea in principle - several highly respected teachers tell their students to shoot with just one normal lens for a year - but remember that the old "normal" focal length of 50 is about 75 on APS-C (short tele) so the equivalent for you is about 31-35mm.

There are some legacy lenses around this length if you can find them and also want to learn manual focusing. There are also the very expensive FA31/1.8 limited and (relatively) cheaper FA35/2 and DA35/2.8 macro limited. All of these are fine lenses; the 35/2.8 has the bonus of macro capability but both the 35s are very light (about 200g).

If I were in your shoes now, having the 2-lens set in the bag, I would buy one of the 35s (my personal choice would be the 2.8 macro) partly as a learning tool but also because the focal length is actually great for many types of shots. It really is worth putting a normal lens on and going out with no other lenses at all.

Good though the kit lenses are, the FA and DA primes are in another world for IQ - another advantage of getting just one of them now is that you can judge this for yourself and decide if the extra IQ is worth the price. If it is, after a year or so look at the EXIF from all your keepers and see what length(s) you use most. Those are the lengths to start your prime collection or the ones to cover with your more specialised zooms if that's the way you choose to go.

Whatever you decide, welcome here and good luck with your new friend.

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