Can lenses from a Canon FT be retrofited to a 5D Mark II?

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Re: Thanks for detailing that.

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RoccoGalatioto wrote:

But there's no statute of limitations on these types of crimes.

Yeah there is, it's called the "Get Over It" clause.
Skip M

It is the people who hold the grudges that are imprisoning themselves. LOL

"Getting over it" is the key to freedom.

There is no chance that Canon will go back and undo what they have done, so what is the use in holding the grudge? Forget about the FD mount lenses and move on.

I used to read on about guys who switched from Canon to Nikon just because of the mount change, and will never, never switch back. I gotta wonder about those type of people. Canon's AF, by the second generation of each, had far outstripped Nikon's. When we switched from MF to AF, we looked at all the AF cameras available at the time, Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax and Contax, and stuck with Canon, because of a combination of capabilities and familiarity with the ergonomics/interface. But it was a decision based on comparing cameras, not a knee jerk response to a perceived slight from a company that recognized the limitations of their current product and moved, decisively, to remedy those limitations. Minolta did the same thing, and I've never heard a peep from old Minolta users. On the other hand, a lack of compatibility kept my dad from making the switch from his old FD stuff to EF gear. He just didn't want to start all over with new lenses and all.
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