Highly reflective products: How to photograph it?

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Highly reflective products: How to photograph it?


A new client came up, and I dont know exactly how to help him. I mean, I do know how it should be done, but I need a low budget soluction, since he is not willing to throw many bucks on my bucket.

He is a ice cream machine manufacturer.

His machines are a little shorter than a refrigerator, same shape, but the surface material is polished steel, common in industrial food machinery.

I thought bringing it to my studio, on white seamless background on the back, and put the itens in a 45° angle related to camera, so this will avoid my reflection being included to the shot.

This way, I will reflect everything else on my studio, so I thought I could flag it with big white frames that I use as reflectors.

But, here is the problem:

The machines are quite big and heavy, and theres a lot of them. So he wants me shooting it at his site, which makes sense.

So how can I set this up on his site?

Any other alternative than this one I posted above? a more practical one?

Any ideas of how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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