Best Video DSLR, Is Nikon making a Canon EOS 5D/2 killer? Rumour?

Started Jun 29, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Try them (and try a Pentax K7)

tttulio wrote:

I Need a DSLR for Video ( and still) but mainly video, ( please don't bother telling me to buy a video camera).

the problem is, I am usually a Nikon guy, I tried the D90, is pretty good, but the Canon EOS 5D mk2 is way better. ( I tried it too)

Shall I just swallow my pride and buy the Canon, or does anyone know if Nikon is bringing out a EOS 5D mk2 Killer?

The just released K7 may be what you need, at least until the next camera with video comes out. I think those released in the next 12 months may be much better as well as cheaper.


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