TWO Sony Full Frame DSLR's this summer? One >$1K?

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Re: Lenses?

If not in the line now, they could easily return the "Tamron/KM" 17-35 and 28-70 lenses to the fold quite quickly. Remember. Minolta had a full range of film lenses, consumer to pro for the film cameras. Many of them could probably do with some updates to modern coatings, etc., ad it would be nice to have modern focus drives but lenses aren't that big a problem if they should decide (already decided quite a whiole back) to go for a comparatively inexpensive ff camera.

I find the basic thrust (ridiculous low ff camera price) of the rumors unlikely but don't know that they would consider Nikon's pricing structures on the D3x necessary to protect. However, they make money selling sensors to Nikon and others and dumping a predatorily priced camera on the market that kills their customers' business is probably an unwise move. Even if the camera body was "cheap," it would have to perform well enough to make it worthwhile to make a complete system swap - and that's plenty expensive - the body probably being just a small part of it. One would need to consider not just a lens or two but all lenses, flashs, remotes, etc., etc.

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