365 Days of Self-Portraits

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365 Days of Self-Portraits

Today I took my 365th self-portrait in as many days - one for each day of the past year. I'm by no means the first to do this (there's a group of thousands doing this on flickr, which is where I got the idea), and there are quite a few people in this very forum who are in the midst of or finishing their own 365 Days project.

This is the second time I've done this; the first year was done on a whim, but the second year was more to document what I foresaw to be big changes in my life. During the course of the past year, I wrecked my beloved 1985 Volvo, I had my first solo photo show, I moved to Germany from Florida to be with my wonderful boyfriend (who is also finishing his year of self-portraits today as well), and oh yeah - I turned 30!

I tried to use the project to improve my framing and composition and foresight to such an extent that I would never have to crop (unless that was the plan - sometimes I like the 16:9 or square look). I got much more comfortable with doing all my post-processing in Lightroom. I tried to learn how to best use my newest lenses, the FA 77/1.8 and the DA 35 Ltd. And I tried to figure out when a landscape was improved by the addition of a figure and when the figure detracted from the setting.

Some days the last thing I wanted to do was take a self-portrait. For instance, I had all my wisdom teeth removed during the year after four weeks of excruciating pain (my appointments kept getting postponed by tropical storms and hurricanes). For a week afterward, I had to come up with creative ways to not show my swollen face. Then there were all the days where I had colds and headaches and was in a bad mood...sometimes, ironically, those were the ones I liked the most in hindsight.

Here are a few shots that I'm really proud of from the project. Each one was taken with a different Pentax lens (yeah, I'm trying really hard to keep this relevant to the forum!) If you want to see the entire set, it's found here (the 365th will be posted later tonight): http://www.flickr.com/photos/aravis121/sets/72157605927416743/

"Our Self-Contained, Little Worlds"

K200D, DA* 50-135mm @ 75mm, f/8, taken in light rain

"Floor Exercise"

K200D, DA 21mm, f/3.2

"For All the World's Tomorrows"

K200D, DA* 16-50mm @ 16mm, f/2.8

"Treading Water, Out of Sight of All Land"

K200D, FA 43mm, f/4

"At the End of the World"

K200D, DA 10-17mm Fisheye @ 10mm, f/6.3

"Today It Rained Bokeh"

K200D, FA 77mm, f/2.8


K200D, FA 31mm, f/2.8

"Such Great Heights"

K200D, D-FA 100mm, f/5

"Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall"

K200D, DA 35 Ltd, f/2.8


K200D, DA 12-24 @ 12mm, f/4

I invite anyone else who's done a project like this or who is doing one to share their experiences. And as always, C & C is welcome!
Keitha McCall

Pentaxian and Snapshot Shooter since April 2007

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