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Re: XMPs for backups

the XMPs make much more sense for backup since you are transferring much less data and it's much easier/quicker/reliable to backup small text files vs 15+MB binary files.

paranoia is not an issue imho even if DNG file conversion is your thing i'd want XMP sidecarfiles for edits separate, NOT embedded.

Ellis Vener wrote:

"Basically XMPs let you save the work you do to your RAWs in small, compact, easily backed-up sidecar files. "

The only thng that goes into a ,XMP side car file is meta-data , which includes any processing 'recipes' you for a file that yo ucreated in Adobe Camera Raw. Those prpocessign steps and the other meta-data only becomes part for the finishjed file once you choose to process your raw file as a TIFF, PSd or JPEG. Until then it is just a set of suggestions.

I do not like .xmp sidecar files and convert my raw files to the raw .dng format so everything is in a single "envelope" file. Some peopel are frightened by the DNG format and other s are not. I'm in the last camp. if you wantto be really paranoid or wantto be ableto process your DNG raw file in another raw processor like Canon DPP or Nikon Capture NX2 then you can choose to include the original raw format in the DNG envelope.

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