Third wedding shoot....

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Third wedding shoot....

I don't quite have much time right now as said recently for a thorough experience analysis, but just a quick bullet point short list:

  • Wedding shot in the middle of nowhere, up in North California, Mendocino. Beautiful area, camp that to get there I asked myself if I was lost 4 times but luckily I wasn't. Racing the sunset or else the werewolves would have come out and eat me alive.

  • Stayed in a cabin, and slept in a bed where they filmed a horror film, where a vampire comes in crashing through that very glass window next to me and grabs the person sleeping. Joy

  • Used the E-3/620. 12-60 and 50 F2.0.

  • I had to baby sit the E-3. It has backfocusing and I had to constantly watch for that. I shot like twice some shots because of it. And unfortunately lost about 2 shots because of it too. My next 4th wedding I will probably not bring my E-3 and I am shipping My E-3 + 12-60 to Olympus tomorrow- see if I can get it back by August fixed.

  • Since I flew to get there (well to Oakland then did a 4 hour drive in a rental car), it was an interesting experience to go and fly with two cameras, a bunch of batteries, and other stuff... all in one carry on. I was going to carry the E-3 + some lenses in a separate bag, but I already had my laptop and did a last minute "hyper compress" in my carry on. It fit by luck and it was about to explode.

Next time Ill bring the clothes in a separate suitcase and the cameras in the carry on.

Oh and homeland security was interested in checking some of the stuff.. but nothing major. Thought it would have been a bigger pain but it was ok.

A few more tidbits:

  • if you have a 12-60 and you know your E-3 backfocuses, shoot at F5.6 or above. You will have much more leeway with the DOF.

  • If you are doing a posed shot and you have a tripod with you, use manual focusing + live view on the E-3.

I should have used the E-620 more and left the E-3 for the super low light shots.

  • Dance floor was very low light and fluorescent light. I had to crank the E-3 to ISO 3200, and was shooting F4.0. Next time I should consider for some of the shots using my Panny Leica F1.4, prefocussing in some spots and ISO 800.

Overall- I still got pretty much what I needed. It was a forest so there were spots of bright sun coming in... and the thing to remember is that you do have a hyper high contrast situation there. Either you move the people to a shadow or use the sunlight well with fill. I was able to do this for some shots, and not so good in others.

Biggest unexpected plus- light was bouncing off the ground with some "chopped wood ground" areas and created a natural warm reflector on people's faces. This worked great for many shots, wish I had noticed it earlier.

Bummer on flash- dance area had a somewhat high ceiling with dark colored wood. Not much flash bouncing at all!

Some pics next post. Some photos have been cropped and minor level adjust, other are as is.

Ill take any comments good or bad, harsh or the opposite that are focused on photography. Other types of comments even if mixed with critique will be ignored.

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