Lightroom 2.0 vs Nik's Viveza

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Re: Lightroom 2.0 vs Nik's Viveza

I have used both and as far as LR:

1) brush is often sluggish and lags - The latency my be my PC but Nik Viveza works real time - and saves time.
2) color mask seems to be less precise than the U point selector.

3) is more effective when significant changes in localized exposure (vs brightness) are required.

As Far as Viveza -

1) Biggest issue I have getting the selection circle to size properly - small areas - circle dissappears - would like to see a "precise" mode.

2) Newest versions of the software are in the external editor drop down menu in LR so you can open from LR, close and your back in LR with the edited file.

Check out the videos and web casts and the free trial.
Ray R

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