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I'm a fan of hot glue and wire coat hangers cut to fit for the back support. It's stiff enough to lend a bit of rigidity and can be glued right to the product. Behind the lower straps, wire can also shape the curve. I'd bend the rear "legs" for "feet" and use hot glue to anchor them. Then I'd also tack the lower straps and filter apparatus in place with hot glue to anchor points to give shape and keep them from lifting off the plex as I support the rest. Clear monofilament fishing line at key spots and tied to an overhead boom takes care of the front top straps and filter support.

Short bits of wire out of the camera view and hot glued in place can also lend curve and shape to the upper straps. I can go through a ton of hot glue on a set, but that plus wire gets a lot of stuff held in place. When I need tape, I get the genuine gaffer's tape, usually in black, but available as well in a flat gray. Here I'd use black. I might also for expediency, allow some wire in view for later cloning, depending upon time. This is probably not a wham-bam shoot. It could take a couple hours to get right, depending on how finicky you are and how patient.

Most of the described support can be hidden, and the little that can't is easily photoshopped.

Below: Coin pyramid, cascade of coins, coins on glass, cups and coffee beans all glued in place on etched glass created for shoot, with company logo colors added later to the logo etched in the glass, which was highlighted and white, really. The few visible glue issues were touched out easily. (P.S. All done in camera otherwise)

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