Please post your 70-200 f/4 portraits...

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Re: Please post your 70-200 f/4 portraits...

Thanks all you guys for the very nice pictures! I'm convinced that f/4 will do it for me. I'm going to get the canon 70-200 f/4 over the tamron 70-200 and sigma although a stop slower I really like the colors, iq and specially the focusing abilities of this lens. I've ruled out sigma earlier because of the focusing issues (back/front) and because it's a little weak @ the long end. I'm gooing to use the 70-200 mostly between 120 and 200 (I really like tele-portraits) and from the examples posted f/4 will give me enough DOF control to play with on head/head shoulder portraits. For indoor shooting I can always grab my 50 1.8II or the tamron 28-75.

Thanks again!



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