Flickr photos - should I keep them private?

Started Jun 27, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Mike Goltsman Contributing Member • Posts: 580
Re: Flickr photos - should I keep them private?

Like it or not, lots of people are paranoid about having their photos posted publicly. They usually don't bother justifying it beyond "I don't want to" and if you press them they will come up with a wonderfully far-fetched scheme where they could get harmed. I have some of those right in my family.

When I take pictures at school gatherings for my kids and such, I usually post them privately on Flickr and send Guest Passes only to the parents or to the organizer for distribution. That way, nobody who was not at the event will see those pictures.

Pictures of family and friends I usually also post privately, primarily on the account of some of them being crazy (see above). However, with friends and family - and only friends and family - if I am particularly proud of an individual photo for whatever reason I will make that one public.

Pictures where MY family members are in the frame used to ALWAYS be public - because I am not crazy. But, here I found an interesting point - most of the family pictures, with the exception of a rare one that comes out particularly well, are of interest exclusively to my family and friends. If you post general interest photos on Flickr that you want to share with other people (I have few "Flickr contacts" whose public photostreams I periodically scan, and I know some of them scan mine), dumping fifty photos of Auntie Emma pouring tea will make viewing your photostream much less interesting because those butterfly macros or cityscape shots are now hard to find among all the useless family gathering tripe that is really intended for your family. That is the only reason I make majority of my family shots private.

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