K-7 High ISO NR (pics)

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Re: K-7 High ISO NR (pics)

Thanks for the comparison there, based on that they look fairly close. Comparing to some of my old K20d shots they are close, but I don't have the K20d any more, but I think I recall horizontal pattern noise much more visible at ISO 1600 and a enough at ISO 3200 to keep me from using it. I actually use ISO 3200 more on the K-2000 vs K20d because there is less pattern to the noise, but probably more total noise.

What I really hope for is a reduction in HPN, but I still see it in samples, the 2 ISO 3200 samples in another thread in a link to a blog somewhere both showed it clearly in the darks, but ISO 3200 is still useful in a well exposed picture that isn't too dark. The 5d also has HPN in the shadows, just less than the K20d by about 1-1.5 stops (it is full frame, this is expected).

I don't really expect the K-7 to have much better image quality (I have been hoping for 1/3rd stop is all), and a bit better dynamic range would be nice, but I am buying the K-7 for the features. I like that it feels like the K20d should have been. I want the respectable live view, the movie mode, the composition feature, the level, the mag alloy body, etc. I am sure whatever camera replaces the K-7 will address shortcomings with the K-7.

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