K-7 High ISO NR (pics)

Started Jun 28, 2009 | Discussions thread
Robgo2 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,352
Re: D700 - Smear it?

If I wanted to blur my pictures to

reduce noise, I don't need a camera to do that. I really don't
understand this noise talk, and how "BAD" the K20D is. Maybe my copy
is fantastic.. I will keep the detail.

How right you are, Chris. I will take some unobtrusive noise with my detail any day over no noise and smoothed detail. Hell, with film, grain is often considered a positive aesthetic element. People need to keep in mind that we are talking about ISO 3200 here. Not so long ago, that was considered an impossibility, yet now we have an APS-C camera that does it pretty darn well.


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