K-7 High ISO NR (pics)

Started Jun 28, 2009 | Discussions thread
Chris Ventura Regular Member • Posts: 327
D700 - Smear it?

You know, all this talk I hear about noise is kinda odd. I have shot, and owned Nikon and Canon, both fantastic cameras. With that being said, I took 4 images of the exact same subject from Imagine-resource - They were the K20D, Nikon D300, Nikon D700, and Canon 50D.

I printed them all out at 100% crop and compared the noise giving the images to people to judge image quality.

The ISO was at 1600 and then 3200.

4 people picked the K20D, 4 picked the D700 as the best image. What I noticed in the photos was how much detail is BLURRED by both the D700 and D300. Please fill me in. If I wanted to blur my pictures to reduce noise, I don't need a camera to do that. I really don't understand this noise talk, and how "BAD" the K20D is. Maybe my copy is fantastic.. I will keep the detail.

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