Canon EOS40d vs Olympus E-410 noise at high ISO

Started Oct 24, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Olympus E-410 is a great Camera

I found Olympus E-410 a great camera and if one has a limited budget he should not be confused between Olympus E-410 and Canon 40D, since, there is not much, rather no difference in image quality if one doesn't need to click pictures in high speed.

Though, I am not a digital photography expert since I get a very few opportunities to click photographs but being a photography freak, I can say firmly that Olympus E-410 can meet an optimum satisfaction level.

You can see the pictures that I have clicked with Olympus E-410 at . My photographs in the gallery are experimental though.

Plusiotis wrote:

I copied and pasted the ISO 800 and 1600 images from Phil's EOS 40D
review into Photoeditor and compared them with the same from the
Olympus E-410. Apart from the ISO 800 image for the latter requiring
slight sharpening, I can see no difference in the images with regard
to noise levels. If anything the Olympus's noise looks ever so
slightly better (at least on my CRT). Kudos to Olympus. (Presumably
the Olympus would be noisier under lower light levels?). What do you
guys think?

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