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Ultra Wides

I love ultra wides.

All of my favorite pictures nearly are wides, and my sigma 10-20 is my most productive lens.

Of course most people seem to obsess on bodies, but I obsess on lens systems. True 90% of the time the equipment exceeds the composition, but I'd still like to have a discussion about this. Posting it in Canon just because I currently have Canon stuff.

Basically my ideal lens is 16-50 mm (35mm eq), I think. I'm going to go back and actually look at the number of pictures I took at various focal lens but I know 10 mm will have a spike as will 17 and 35 mm as those are the widest and only settings of my UWA, STD and 'fast' prime.

Now clearly there is no 16-50mm. There is however a 17-40mm and now two 10-24 mm lenses (Tamron, Nikon). Also there is the 10-22 Canon. Plus the 10-20 Sigma and the Tokina's 11-16mm and 12-24mm. There is the 15mm prime Pentax, the 12-24 and the 14mm. There are the Olympus lenses 12-60 (not really UWA), 7-14, 9-18, and the Panny 7-14.

I'm going to remark on my situation and what I know and am concerned about. These are the only lenses I'm going to remark at all on here for the moment. I know there are others like sigma's wide primes and 12-24 etc.

Since this became very long I will make a short summary:
12-60 wow, 7-14 wow and expensive, 9-18 interesting focal lengths actually.
4/3 in general, probably not for me.

Tamron 10-24 ick. I had high hopes, but no.

Tokinas heavy, 12 not wide enough, 11-16 not tele enough (forces 2 lenses at all times)
Nikon 10-24 how good is it, anyone have solid info?

Canon 17-40, best focal match, excellent build, heavy, requires more heavy expensive FF but that has other advantages. Photozone pans it, but SLRgear not as much, shootout seems okay. Thus I'm confused... Opinions wanted.

Canon 10-22 maybe someday probably better than my Sigma by a bit 32 to 35 isn't as big a deal as 32 to 40. Again opinions wanted on Sigma vs Canon.

Unfortunately, the post was too long to post. But I will post the rest of the message for those who want to read it in the next post I guess.

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