5D II out of Focus rate

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Re: 5D II out of Focus rate

Nick Svircev wrote:

93octane wrote:

Those people that have a 5D II what is your Out of Focus Rate I have
been noticing with my 5D II out of 15 shots at least 3 where out of
focus. Is that normal

I'm thinking about sending the body back or send it to canon.
EOS 5D,70-200 FL4, 24-105 F4L, 50mm 1.4, 100mm f2

With that expensive gear list and amount of money you gave Canon,
shouldn’t you demand MUCH more? Does this mean that everyone is
getting Canon camera / lens combos that do not focus? Body and lenses
you have certainly qualify for semi-pro / pro range.... how on this
World is Canon managing to sell lemons and still have blind group of

Who is to blame for this?

I suggest to everyone to do little research.... out of first 100
posts, find out how many people complain about focusing issues and
soft photos in general in Canon forums... then do the same thing in
Nikon forum...


I think you would find that users of high end Canon 1Ds has traditionally been spoilt with top notch AF and low light performance, any compromise will get complaints wether it is merited or not. Nikon only recently recieved improved AF and low light enhancement and would consider it a step forward so less likely to complain about since the comparison to what they had before was an improvement.

I heard a lots of complaint about not enough MP and no HD videos.

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