They have production body K-7 but w/pre-firmware

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Re: They have production body K-7 but w/pre-firmware

Hi John,

Sorry to get back so late (eight days!)

My reason for posting the above was written up in the Adorama blog on the K-7 preview, Comments to Stu. Stu asked about camera and firmware with Jacks answer using a Production camera body:

    • What about image quality???

I liked your review. I bought a Pentax K200D in April of 2008 and am a long-time Pentax user. I would have appreciated some qualitative comments about image quality, resolution, noise above ISO 400, and color from your tests. I realize it was a brief test, but these have been areas where the usefulness of a Pentax DSLR has been called into question. Thank you, however, for reporting on the new features. I did enjoy your review. [Editor's Response: We were using a production model of the Pentax K-7 but it was running pre-production firmware, so any hard statements about image quality, etc. including hi-resolution samples are not possible at this time. Stay tuned for updates! Jack]

by Stu in Wisconsin, USA on June 15, 2009

Here is my post with Jack Howard's response:

    • Edit needed?

Hello, thanks for the overview of the Pre-production K-7 body. FYI, in the response to Stu in "What about image quality???" there appears to be a contradiction: Editor's Response: We were using a production model of the Pentax K-7..."thanks for addressing this! [EDITOR'S RESPONSE: Good catch! We meant to write that we were using a PRE-production model.]

by Nic in USA on June 21, 2009

Turned out that I was repeating what was written by Jack Howard, who must be one very busy and tired guy!... sorry it turned out to be a wild goose chase!

And thank you John for the clarification... you are surely one of the good guys (and that goes for Jack Howard too!

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